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Kabbalah astrology studies the laws of the universe that affect our
everyday earthly existence and our development in the spiritual plane.
The goal of Kabbalah astrology is not just to predict the future and
allow us follow the path predetermined for us by the stars, but to be
able to change any undesirable situations and take control over our
destiny in all possible ways. Kabbalists that practice this kind of
astrology believe that people can change any negative tendencies,
weaken their influence or use them for their own good if they know
what causes them and affects them. The calendar of Kabbalah astrology
coincides with the Hebrew calendar, which makes it easy for a Jewish
person to implement astrology based on Kabbalah and use it as the part
of his/her daily routine. If you decide to study and deepen your
knowledge in this area, you will first of all start understanding your
own self and define your goals better. You will sense the meaning that
your existence contains, and (not without some work and effort though)
manage to fulfill it.