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When you think of Kabbalah, you probably imagine stern wizards
practicing their craft with wands and mystical symbols. It is true
that being an unexplainable and unknown subject for most common people
throughout many centuries Kabbalah was perceived as a practice of
witchcraft, or sorcery. And even though by learning its main
principles people can actually use them as magic, this is not all that
is to it. Kabbalah is an ancient science of life. By allowing people
to understand how to control their lives, it can help them achieve
love, friendship, success, healing, and harmony. The nature of things
both in the visible and invisible worlds is the main subject of this
discipline called Kabbalah. Therefore, it embraces all aspects of life
and afterlife. According to this discipline everything interacts and
communicates with each other. By learning it, people can start seeing
how different forces of the world influence us. That is why many
kabbalistic notions