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The connection between Kabbalah and astrology lies deep in the theory
of the kabbalistic Tree of Life. The very core of Tree consists of
planets of our solar system. The power of stars and especially these
planets, which are our closest celestial bodies, is studied and
understood by those who adhere to Kabbalah astrology. Here we will
attempt to follow these adherents in their spiritual explorations and
perceive the basics of Kabbalah astrology.
Most foretelling made with the help of Kabbalah astrology are based on
the person's date of birth, as it is the most important day in anyone
life. Natal chart readings compiled and interpreted with the main
emphasis on kabbalistic knowledge and perception of reality are the
most precise ones, and therefore should be saved and kept throughout
the entire life to serve as a reference and reminder of who you really
are and what your purpose of life is.
In general Kabbalah astrology will teach you to use your personal
weaknesses and strengths to your advantage; to understand people
around you and your existence in a more sophisticated way; to grasp
the meaning of life and see where your everyday actions and inertness
are leading you. You will be able to establish your lucky numbers,
colors, a guardian planet and find out about other factors that
control your destiny. You will see what kind of energies your physical
body is vulnerable too and even define the possible diseases you
should be aware of in order to prevent them. You will also realize
which spiritual path you should take and see the level of your
spiritual development on the Tree of Life chart.
Even if you are already familiar with basic astrological principles,
learning about it all over again through the prism of Kabbalah will
provide you with additional knowledge and help you make better, more
accurate astrological charts for you and other people. The best advice
for those who just start developing deeper comprehension of Kabbalah
astrology is to practice it as often as possible and try to see how it
influences your everyday life and what it reveals in it.